Pilot Who Saved Orphan Baby Chimp Wishes It Would Never Have Happened

Date December 6, 2018 18:19

Anthony Caere is a Belgian pilot working in Virunga National Park, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. His recent video with orphan baby chimp became viral and made thousands of people cry. But he said he wishes it would never have happened.




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On the video, Anthony is transporting the chimp, Mussa, to the Lwiro Primate Rehab Cente. Mussa was confiscated from a man after it had been taken from the wild and his  family was killed by illegal hunters.












Публикация от Anthony Caere (@anthonycaere)














Публикация от Anthony Caere (@anthonycaere)


Anthony wants people to never forget the pain the chimp and other animals continue to experience: Adult chimps are often killed, and small ones are sold as pets. The rehab center is now caring for around 60 chimps and 100 monkeys.











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Anthony never restrains animals while transporting because he usually finds them hungry, stressed, and injured by ropes and tiny cages. He says:

A baby needs hugs and compassion instead of being locked up in a cage during a stressful flight.

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He wants to make animals feel safer and more relaxed. He is such a caring man and a real animal lover!











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Anthony has an important message to share:

I hope the people not only say, 'Okay, it’s a cute movie', but the message is that that little chimp should be with his mom, and not on my lap.












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This man is a real hero!

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