Short-Legged Cuties: 20 Photos Of Funny And Sweet Munchkin Cats From All Over The World

Date January 23, 2018

Animals with unusual appearances always fascinated people. And Munchkin cats are surely on the list of the most amazing, beautiful, and cutest creatures on the planet. This breed of cats is considered to be a relatively new one. Even though there are mentions of the short-legged cats in the documents from 1940s, the breed was recognized by the International Cat Association only a bit over two decades ago.


What makes them so different from the rest of furry purring pets? The size of their legs: Munchkins are famous for their extremely short legs. And even though such proportions may not be very helpful in the wild, they surely make these kitties extremely adorable. And today, we've picked 20 of the cutest Munchkin cats from different parts of the world.

1. Angel Baby

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Допис, поширений Angelbabycat16 (@angelbabycat168561)

2. Mucha

3. Pooky

Baby Pooky playing piano❤ #throwback . ????: @apertureby_me

Допис, поширений Pooky the Munchkin (@littlemunchiepooky)

With their low-slung torso and short legs, Munchkin cats remind Dachshund and Welsh Corgi dogs a bit. And looking at these pictures, it is hard to resist the temptation to go and get one of these lovely animals.

But with such short legs, it will be not easy for them to do even the most usual things, like climbing onto the coach or getting up the stairs. So, no matter how adorable they are, these kitten, as well as any other pet, require lots of responsibility, attention, love, and care from their owners.

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