Jennifer Lawrence Explains Why She Was 'Rude' To Joanna Lumley After BAFTA Viewers Slam Her

Date March 27, 2018 17:27

Jennifer Lawrence gets blamed for her behavior pretty often, almost turning it into her own trademark. She recently got fiercely commented on her interaction with the BAFTA's host Joanna Lumley, 71. Apparently, after Joanna called Jennifer "the hottest woman on the planet," the latter replied that it was "too much." Lawrence immediately received negative comments from Internet users who called her "rude" and "spoiled brat." On Twitter, she was even called 'Miss Arrogance'!



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Jennifer explains the delicate situation

Recently, Lawrence gave the interview to Ronan Keating. She appeared on the Magic Radio just morning after the incident took place. Jennifer was eager to explain the situation. She compared all the negativity she received from the BAFTA viewers to the famous movie Mean Girls. Jennifer added:

Everybody thought that I was being rude. But to be fair, I couldn’t have just walked out after she was like, 'Biggest movie star in the world!'

And if I’d just walked out and gone, 'Thank you, Joanna'. It would have been like, 'So you agree? You think you’re really pretty!'


Jennifer then explained that moments before they were on stage, she and Joanna were chatting backstage about how she would be presented. Jennifer assured the viewers that she did not mean to offend anybody, and it was simply an "inside joke."

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Other unpleasant time Jennifer received a dose of negativity from Internet users

In 2014, an unknown phone hacker released nude photos of more than 100 female celebrities. The photos of Jennifer Lawrence were hotly discussed on the internet, with a lot of finger pointing mainly at the actress, not the hacker.


Apparently, after that time, it was difficult for Lawrence to do nude scenes in the movies because of so much shaming from people. However, she did agree to do the nude scenes in her new movie about the Russian ballerina-spy Red Sparrow. She said to have worried a lot, but she was able to overcome her fears. As for the hacker, since that time, a lot of female actresses got much more careful with their phones.


We hope Joanna Lumley didn't feel offended by Jennifer's response. And how would you react to recieving such compliment?

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