Morals, Lessons, And Values: How Barack Obama And His Wife Are Parenting Their Daughters

Date February 2, 2018

Barack and Michelle Obama are considered role models for many reasons, one of which is the way how they chose to parent their children, Malia and Sasha.

The family is the true definition of wholesomeness. From watching how close Barack and Michelle are to how they express their love for their children, it's hard not to be in awe of them.


If you're interested in gaining some insight into the values and lessons the former POTUS and FLOTUS hope to raise their kids with, then you're in luck.


The couple has, at one point or another, shared a little bit about the things that matter to them as a family and what they are teaching their daughters.


Barack and Michelle's parenting tactics

1. The parents are making sure to lead by example. As they say, children learn more by what they see than by what they hear.

With every word we utter, with every action we take, we know our kids are watching us. We as parents are their most important role models. -Michelle Obama, 2016

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2. They provide unconditional love even when the children make mistakes.

Above all, children need our unconditional love — whether they succeed or make mistakes; when life is easy and when life is tough. - Barack Obama, 2011

3. There's the determination to ensure they leave a legacy for their children.

It’s about leaving something better for our kids. That’s how we’ve always moved this country forward, by all of us coming together on behalf of our children, folks who volunteer to coach that team, to teach that Sunday school class, because they know it takes a village. - Michelle Obama - 2016

4. In a world that's being taken over by technology, the Obamas are ensuring that their children do not get consumed by it.

It’s a wonderful thing if you are married and living in a home with your children, but don’t just sit in the house and watch ‘SportsCenter’ all weekend long. That’s why so many children are growing up in front of the television. As fathers and parents, we’ve got to spend more time with them, and help them with their homework, and replace the video game or the remote control with a book once in awhile. -Barack Obama, 2008

5. Make every moment count. No matter how busy we are, we should always make time for our children.

In the end, that’s what being a parent is all about — those precious moments with our children that fill us with pride and excitement for their future, the chances we have to set an example or offer a piece of advice, the opportunities to just be there and show them that we love them. - Barack Obama, 2011

6. A word of advice for the fathers.

As fathers, we need to be involved in our children’s lives not just when it’s convenient or easy, and not just when they’re doing well — but when it’s difficult and thankless, and they’re struggling. That is when they need us most. - Barack Obama 2009

7. While being a good mother is a big part of her, Michelle Obama also makes sure she takes care of herself from time to time.

When I get up and work out, I’m working out just as much for my girls as I am for me, because I want them to see a mother who loves them dearly, who invests in them, but who also invests in herself. It’s just as much about letting them know as young women that it is okay to put yourself a little higher on your priority list. - Michell Obama, 2012

8. One thing these parents take seriously is the value of empathy. This is something they hope to inspire and encourage in their children.

Pass along the value of empathy to our children. Not sympathy, but empathy ― the ability to stand in somebody else’s shoes; to look at the world through their eyes. Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in ‘us,’ that we forget about our obligations to one another. There’s a culture in our society that says remembering these obligations is somehow soft ― that we can’t show weakness, and so therefore we can’t show kindness. But our young boys and girls see that. They see when you are ignoring or mistreating your wife. They see when you are inconsiderate at home; or when you are distant; or when you are thinking only of yourself. And so it’s no surprise when we see that behavior in our schools or on our streets. That’s why we pass on the values of empathy and kindness to our children by living them. We need to show our kids that you’re not strong by putting other people down – you’re strong by lifting them up. That’s our responsibility as fathers. - Barack Obama, 2008

9. Discrimination in any form is discouraged in their home.

To Malia and Sasha and their friends, discrimination in any form against anyone doesn’t make sense. As president, and as a dad, that makes me proud. - Barack Obama, 2015


10. The couple put in the effort to instil a sense of learning in their children and they do not expect it to be another person's job.

Michelle and I know that our first job, our first responsibility, is instilling a sense of learning, a sense of a love of learning in our kids. And so there are no shortcuts there; we have to do that job. And we can’t just blame teachers and schools if we’re not instilling that commitment, that dedication to learning, in our kids. - Barack Obama, 2011

There are no perfect parents. There are only good parents who are doing all they can to raise kind and great children. There is certainly a lot to learn from the way the Obamas are handling parenting.

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