Ivanka Trump Shares A Photo Of Herself In A Leather Catwoman Costume

Date February 16, 2018

Ivanka Trump, the president’s very smart, sophisticated, and good-looking daughter, has shown the world she also has a stunning figure when she posted a photo of herself in a Halloween costume.

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On her Instagram, the 36-year-old mom posted a photo of her in a skin-tight Catwoman costume.

She added a caption:

Hope you’re having a puuurrrrrfect #Halloween!! (I may have to bring back my Catwoman costume from a few years ago!)

Catwoman is a DC Comics character commonly associated with the superhero Batman. She was Batman's most enduring love interest and is known for her love-hate relationship with him.


Ivanka's costume is reminiscent of the Julie Newmar's catsuit the actress wore during the 1960s TV show Batman. The mom of three completed her look with red lipstick, mask, cat ears, and gloves. Even though her blonde hair is stylishly curled and looks longer in the photo, the successful businesswoman doesn’t look any different from what she looks now, despite giving birth to two more children in the years that have passed.

Now, the former model is busier than ever. Between raising her three kids, she is also running the Trump Organization alongside her brothers, judging on her father's television program The Apprentice, working on her own personal brand of Ivanka Trump shoes, handbags, eye-catching jewelry, as well serving in her father's presidential administration.

But even when living such a chaotic life, Ivanka always manages to look beautiful and stylish.

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Ivanka Trump