Learn How To Forget About Sadness On The Ellen DeGeneres Talk Show

Date February 5, 2018

Hugh Jackman does weightlifting, Michelle Obama goes shopping to the pharmacy, and Matt Damon throws darts for charity. These and other adorable moments are a common experience on Ellen's Talk Show.

Amazing Moments On The Ellen's Talk Show


The Ellen DeGeneres Show is a unique TV program. It usually features the most famous people around the world discussing various topics and surely making fun of each other. This is why people adore it so much – every episode includes the moments that will definitely cheer you up.

Sit down comfortably and be ready to recall yourself a few most memorable events from the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

1. That is the most unexpected gift Nicki might have ever received.

2. Hugh Jackman is definitely impressed.

3. His wife must be so envious right now.

4. Christmas DIY with girls can definitely be dangerous.

5. He throws darts much better than he dances.

6. Hot Hands for hot Kendall.

7. That is not a fair Jenga for Kevin Hart.

8. Tickles is, perhaps, Thor's weakest point.

9. Never lied to get a job? Gwyneth is that really so?!

10. Rum for Captian Jack Sparrow? No! Barbies for Captain Jack Sparrow!

Having Fun With Ellen Outside The Studio

Not all hilarious moments take place at the show.  Ellen can turn every situation into a memorable and joyful moment.

11. J. Lo might be slightly confused.

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12. The most fabulous selfie of all times.


13. Mr. President needs some shopping.


14. David is much better on a football pitch.

No Life Without Ellen

The Ellen DeGeneres Show really fascinates. It brings so many adorable recollections to people's lives that everything you need when you do not feel well is simply watching another episode of the program and simply unwind yourself.

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