Adorable Photos Of Sons Looking Like The Exact Replicas Of Their Fathers

Date December 12, 2018

It is common knowledge that an apple won't fall far from the tree, but these photos will remind you just how much of our dads we all carry within us. Fathers posting adorable pictures with their sons is probably the cutest thing you'll see all day.

Like father like son

This photo of a dad and his son wearing matching t-shirts is simply amazing. We just love that everything seems to match, even their eyes and expressions.

Nothing beats a cool day with your dad in the outdoors. Especially with these striped shorts that somehow make this photo even cuter.

Ahora sí se acabaron las vacaciones y estamos de regreso!! @mapalafamilyconcept #likefatherlikeson #likemotherlikedaughter #compracolombiano #seacabaronlasvacaciones #hechoencolombia

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A stylish walk by the lake and some duck feeding in the meantime. We don't know what's more adorable, their jeans and boots or the little one's cyan helmet.

Toujours autant de succès pour les canards ... moins pour la trottinette #butteschaumont #parismaville #familytime #kidsofinstagram #likefatherlikeson

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If these are not the greatest chequered pajamas you have ever seen, then there is no point in writing anything else. Just look at the son's joyful face and you'll see what we're seeing.

Safety first! Helmets? Checked! Sticks? Checked! That means it's hockey time.

#kotonataas #kotihommia #homesweethome #pojankanssa #Bauer #änäriin #likefatherlikeson

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It is never too early to become a soccer fan. We bet these two will have a blast at the next Juventus game.

This photo is awesome in so many ways. Notice how the dad is carefully holding his son upright while the kid is too distracted with the father's hoodie? Add the Mickey Mouse in the background, the lovable sign on the wall, and you get cuteness overload.

Remember to spend as much time as you can with your parents. Unfortunately, they won't be there forever.

They are ready for a night out in the town. We are just wondering whether or not they are bringing mom with them.

Good looks are in abundance for this family. Elegance is always something you carry in your mind.

Not even Christmas dinners can go without modern technology. At least there is no doubt we will continue to get awesome photos like this one.

Birthdays can be really tiring, even for the dad.

Me and my beautiful baby boy asleep in the car after his first birthday. #likefatherlikeson #sleepyheads #bigdayout #love #cute #carrides #preciousmoments #1yearold #14thofjanuary #bigboy #myworld #sooks #holdinghands #baby #daddy #prouddad

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Sleeping poses are also hereditary. We just hope that the dad doesn't snore.

A big shout out to all the cool dads out there. Keep being awesome, you are someone's everything.