Melania Trump Hasn’t Posted Any Photos With Her Husband Since Last Year

Date February 13, 2018

It’s a mystery hidden under seven locks, still what’s left is only to guess about what’s happening between Melania Trump and her husband Donald Trump.

People might say a lot, but facts are louder than words, no matter what. Rumor has it that Melania didn’t want even to become First Lady, and now the president is ripping the benefits.

Sources close to the president’s wife claim that she didn’t want to have such a post and protested against it. What is more, she appeared to be the first and the only First Lady who didn’t move into the White House until five months after the inauguration.

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However, something must have changed today as Melania is quite open and friendly at the events she attends. She likes communication with people, especially children. First Lady tries to give speeches on different occasions. And her Instagram is living proof.

But what we can't see on Instagram of the First lady are the photos of her husband Donald Trump. The last time she posted a photo of them together was on December 25, 2017.

Since that time, she hasn’t published any single photo of her husband. Of course, there’s a short video, but it doesn’t count. It’s just a few seconds, and anyone can hardly see two of them there.

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In 2018, Melania and her team posted the photos of her with the children, Melania with soldiers, Melania in a museum, but not Melania with Donald. Is there a reason behind that?

No one knows for sure what’s happening with the couple. But it’s evident that some strange things are going on there, and people may only guess what they are.

And the fact that there aren't any Instagram photos is only the tip of the iceberg. Apparently, Melania doesn’t like to hold hands with her husband. And people assume it might be the reason why Melania wears her coats draped over her shoulders. It makes for her husband even more difficult to hold her hand.

No matter how things are between the two of them, let’s wish them the best of luck.


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