Video Of Rescued Beagle, Buddy Mercury, Singing And Playing The Piano Goes Viral

Date February 6, 2018

Who would have thought beagles can evolve and do more than just howl at the moon, sit down when asked to, roll over, play, and sometimes act as a guard?

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Buddy Mercury is a special talented dog

Mercury is a three-year-old rescued puppy from New York and was adopted by Laurie and Glen Wolfe in the spring of 2016. Buddy is a special talented dog who took interest in singing and playing the piano after he saw Laurie play.

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Basically, what he does is playing tunes and howling at it. This can be seen in some of his pictures online.

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Video of Buddy singing

In the video that went viral, Buddy can be seen wagging his tail, playing the piano as he howls at the tune. You can tell that the dog is having a good time while being so soulful.

He also has a happy life and many friends in it

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Believe it or not, this beagle has an Instagram account with over a hundred followers. Amazingly, Buddy has a human friend, and he teaches his human friend some piano lessons.

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He has some cool parties too, as he celebrates his one year adoption anniversary.

As we adapt to our environment, our pets adapt alongside us. Buddy Mercury's singing and the way he handles the piano will leave you in awe.

Take a look at the videos above and tell us what you think about it in the comments below.

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