From Myrtle Wedding Bouquets To Having A Queen's Approval Before Proposing: Royal Wedding Traditions

Date February 6, 2018

The royal family is one of the main symbols of Great Britain. We all know these people, admire them, and, of course, secretly dream of being put in their place. But not everyone understands that each of them has bound hand and foot due to different rules and customs. These restrictions are related to family traditions, and some of them are quite strange.

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Strange royal rules

Here are some of the rules royal family members have to follow:

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  1. The royals can’t do many things: vote, express their thoughts on controversial issues, sign autographs, work for money, and even eat shellfish!
  2. Instead, they have to observe royal ranking and accept all gifts (no matter how weird they can be).
  3. As for the fashion etiquette rules, ladies should choose simple nail polish, wear hats at social events, and hang out in a casual setting dressed to the nines.
  4. Her Majesty decides many things: who keeps what gifts, what she eats for breakfast, and who can marry whom.

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Wedding traditions

Of course, there are many rules surrounding royal weddings.

1. Before proposing, the royals must seek queen’s approval. We wonder whether Prince Harry did that before popping the question over the roasted chicken dinner.

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2. It’s no surprise that marriage comes with a new name. But the media don’t like changes, so Duchess Catherine is still better known as Kate Middleton.

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3. Every royal bride has a myrtle flower in her wedding bouquet.

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4. All royal wedding parties must also include a crop of younger children.


5. 7 years ago, royal family members could not marry people of different faith, but now, they can.

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Breaking rules

It’s so tempting to break some of these long-standing rules! Traditionally, the royal family has always lived in London and had a number of duties to fulfill there. But Kate and William keep a low profile and live a quiet life away from the public eyes. What is more, they are not afraid of showing affection!

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Meghan Markle is another avid protocol breaker! From spending Christmas with the Queen and being married before to not wearing nude stockings or tights at the engagement photo shoot, she wants to make things differently.

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And she will continue to do so even during their wedding with Prince Harry. We are looking forward to seeing what rule she is going to break next.

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