Google Arts & Culture App Matches Selfies With Works Of Art: Here Are The Best Celebrity Results

Date January 25, 2018

Back in 2016, Google released Arts & Culture app for Android and iOS, which provides access to a database of works of art from museums in 70 countries. And in January 2018, there was an update that quickly made the software go viral.

About the app

A fun feature asks users "Is your portrait in a museum?" and compares their selfie with 70 thousand works of great artists and sculptors. Interestingly, the application uses the face recognition algorithms developed by Google to find the user's doppelganger.

Popularity among celebrities

All over the net, people have been sharing their results. Indeed, some look similar, but others don’t look alike at all. Hollywood actors and other luminaries have got in on the fun too, and their side-by-side comparisons are naturally hilarious.

It seems the app does not recognize the sex of the user. That is why some female celebs were surprised to find out that they look like boys or men. While Kate Hudson seemed to be OK with her result, Alyssa Milano was not feeling so cheery.

Portrait of a boy

Допис, поширений Kate Hudson (@katehudson)

A post shared by Alyssa Milano (@milano_alyssa) on

On the other hand, Pete Wentz shared not one but four of his matches, showing that he was quite impressed by the accuracy.

Check out some other funniest results of famous people, including Jim Parsons, Neil Gaiman, and others.

Lisa Edelstein

Ryan Reynolds

Mark Deklin

Neil Gaiman


Jim Parsons

Huh. That was fun.

Допис, поширений Jim Parsons (@therealjimparsons)

And many more!

Other people look for their doubles too

Of course, common people have also joined the fun. Same as celebs, some were pleased, while others were disappointed. Nevertheless, the technology still makes art more engaging and educates its users on the history and peculiarities of the artwork.







Unfortunately, this function is only available in certain regions of the United States.

However, the company is already working on expanding the areas of its use.

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