Russian Girl Became A Gucci Model After Battling Brain Tumor

Date February 28, 2018

A lot of girls probably ask themselves whether they have what it takes to become a professional model. We got used to hearing that to be a model you need to be beautiful, tall, and to have perfect proportions.


Most girls in this business look pretty much alike. For this reason, you might be surprised when we tell you that an ordinary Russian girl, who has just undergone a brain surgery, became a Gucci model at the Milan Fashion Week.

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Olga Zapivokhina and her story

Gucci’s fashion show in Milan has already become one of the season’s most-talked-about events. The first reason for the huge public interest was a designer’s idea to make models perform the catwalk holding their own artificial heads. Sound creepy, doesn’t it?


The second reason for the Gucci’s tremendous success was a Russian girl, Olga Zapivokhina, who closed the fashion show.

Olga Zapivokhina is 22 years old. She came from the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod. Her dream was to launch her own brand of clothing and accessory. Olga is not a professional model. In fact, the girl’s story is really hard to believe.

Olga was diagnosed with a brain tumor one year ago. The young lady had to undergo a complicated surgery and a complex postoperative treatment.

Публикация от Zolga (@zapivosha)

Zapivokhina had been forced to shave her head before undergoing the procedure. One of the girl’s friends was inspired by Olga’s incredible strength and her ability to keep a positive mood despite everything she had to go through.

The man took Olga’s photos in recovery and sent them to Gucci’s casting director. And as you may guess, Olga became the brand’s model at the Milan Fashion Week.

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Zapivokhina was honored to close the show wearing a gorgeous satin oversized fur coat. The girl looked very confident during her catwalk. Fashion critics said the Russian girl could soon star in Gucci’s upcoming 2018 campaign.

Публикация от Zolga (@zapivosha)

Публикация от Zolga (@zapivosha)

Olga’s example can inspire many young women to believe in themselves and follow their own dreams.

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