Jane Fonda Explains How Love And Intimate Life Only Get Better In Her Golden Years

Date March 22, 2018 17:11

It took Jane Fonda almost seven decades and several relationships to realize that love and intimate life get only better in her golden years. Today, spectacular Fonda gets candid about her relationship timeline through the years and the lessons she learned to the present moment.


Jane Fonda: “Love and intimate life get better in your golden years.” 

It’s hard to believe that world-favorite Jane Fonda is 80 now. The star still looks fabulous in her age and leaves men breathless by her every public appearance. Fonda is synonymous to beauty icon and style.

The actress has her own aging secrets and for her fan’s joy, she decided to reveal some of them in her book, “Prime Time.” In the book, Fonda opens up about her love experience and relationships with men through the years.

Fonda learned what true love is only after she turned 70. The star confessed that during her three marriages, she was always afraid to show who she really was. Jane took all her efforts to please her men and often forgot about herself.

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It took Jane almost 70 years to realize that love and its expressions cannot bring happiness, unless you are honest with yourself.

When I fell in love again, it wasn't that I needed a man to make me whole. It was that I could move into a relationship as a whole person.


Fonda explains that only by her golden years, she has learned what she wants in romantic affair. The star opens up why love and sexual relationships can be the best of your life when you are over 50.

When we get older, true intimacy is more possible and more profound. Only when you get older, you see what you need.

It’s hard to disagree with Jane Fonda. This gorgeous woman knows how to be happy in her relationship, and it’s great that she shares her knowledge with other women. Jane proves that no matter your age, when you love and respect yourself and your partner, you will find genuine happiness.

Jane Fonda