World Most Famous Twin Sisters Born With Different Skin Colors Are 21 Now And Look Just Fabulous

Date March 30, 2018

We heard a lot about a special bond between twin siblings. But what if a pair of twins doesn’t look alike at all? Do they feel more distant towards each other?


To answer this question, we decided to compare the world’s most famous twin sisters born with different skin colors. People got used to admiring Lucy and Maria Aylmer since their childhood, but today these young ladies are 21, and they look gorgeous.

Lucy and Maria Aylmer

The girls’ parents were expecting children with a mixed skin tone, but they could never imagine they would end up having such unusual kids.

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Lucy and Maria Aylmer were born with different skin tones as their parents belong to different ethnicities. Their father, Vince, is Caucasian, and his wife, Donna, is partly Jamaican.

Lucy and Maria are not identical twins, therefore they were produced from two separate eggs. Because of this, each girl inherited different genes from their parents.

Rare but possible


Even though the sisters do not look alike, their mother chose to dress the girls in the matching outfits since their childhood. Besides different skin tone, Lucy and Maria have different eye color. Maria’s eyes are dark brown, while Lucy’s are blue-green.

Like any other teenager, girls also struggled with certain problems of self-acceptance. Lucy confessed she always hated her too pale skin, while Maria got used to cry about her curly hair.

Besides their different skin tone, Aymer sisters have rather contrasting personalities. Lucy is a calm and shy girl, while Maria is more outgoing. Maria told in an interview with Inside Edition:

 I love meeting people. I’m not scared to approach people.

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All grown up

Today, Lucy and Maria are all grown up. The girls are 21. They turned into beautiful young ladies. Each of them has their own personal style which only highlights their individuality.

Do you wonder whether these beautiful girls share the same special bond as most twins do? Well, Maria and Lucy have totally different fashion styles, and their interests and hobbies also vary. Nevertheless, both sisters admit they have very close and unique relationship, and they are always ready to support each other.

Maria and Lucy are different from everybody else and even from other twin siblings, but they never feel lonely. They are proud of their appearance and say that sister’s love is their greatest life value.


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