Richard Gere Found Himself In Buddhism, As The Actor Opens Up About His Faith

Date March 21, 2018 11:35

Richard Gere is a world-class 68-year-old superstar. Besides being a successful actor, Richard is a humanitarian activist. Also, it is a known fact that Gere is really into Buddhist.


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Richard Gere's life with Alejandra Silva

Richard Gere officially divorced Carey Lowell in 2016, with whom they have an 18-year-old child, Homer James Jigme Gere. Since then the actor hasn’t been downhearted, as he found himself a stunning girlfriend, Alejandra Silva, 35.

Rumor has it, the couple even got engaged judging from the ring Alejandra wore at the Madrid premiere of The Dinner. Richard seems very happy, standing with his girlfriend. Maybe it has something to do with his religion.

Journey as a Buddhist

Richard Gere found himself in Buddhism. His journey as a Buddhist started lot time ago in philosophical debates at school. But the first encounter with Buddhist dharma was in his early twenties. The actor admits that in those times he was pretty depressed and maybe even suicidal. He was asking all sorts of questions about life and pushing the edges of his sanity.

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However, throughout many years of practicing Buddhism with his teacher Sasaki Roshi, Richard, as he said himself, realized the true meaning of this religion and even became Dalai Lama’s student:

I realized, this is work, this is work. It’s not about flying through the air; it’s not about any of the magic or the romance. It’s serious work on your mind. That was an important part of the path for me.


Richard said he’d probably never bring Buddhism into the world of movies:

I’m lost like everyone else. So I’m certainly not a leader. I talk about these things, but only in the sense that this is what my teachers have given me.

Political views

Besides being a religious person, Richard Gere has always been pretty vocal about politics and his own views on different aspects. For instance, he was banned in 1993 from presenting an Academy Awards for denouncing Chinese government on stage.


Richard made a strong statement recently. The actor said that Donald Trump would last for two years, not more. He also brought the government of Germany and particularly, Angela Merkel, as a great example of successful economy and country in general.

President Donald Trump is a complete befuddlement to all of us — even to his own party. We are all befuddled in the situation. He is a national embarrassment. I think Trump will be over in two years time.


Richard Gere is indubitably a wise person, who can bring so much more into this world. We wish him health and will to do that.

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