2018 Oscars: Top 10 Celebrities' Unique But Really Weird Outfits

Date March 8, 2018

The Oscars ceremony is also known as the Hollywood’s most glamorous night. It not only brings the best celebrities under one roof but also brings a spectacular fashion show on the red carpet.


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This year’s red carpet was not an exception, as the most glorious fashionistas were posing for the hungry reporters’ cameras. However, some of the actresses chose to wear rather peculiar dresses. This article is exactly about those cases. Some may say the most extravagant outfits; others may simply say the worst. However, we think every outfit has a right to live! Hence, we call them “unique” and are proud to present you a small compilation.

Top 10 unique styles on 2018 Oscars red carpet:

1. Film director Agnes Varda wore a flowered kimono pantsuit, white snickers and red John Lennon round sunglasses to match the image. This is quite an eye-catchy look!


2. Megan Ellison (left) is film producer who is openly lesbian. Just a reminder for people of her sexual identity, she wore a black tuxedo combined with a black shirt.

3. Haley Bennett’s look was one of the most controversial that night. Haley’s choice of hairy dress is rather weird. However, the actress still looked unbelievably gorgeous.

4. Joslyn Barnes is a documentary film director, who filmed a movie about Chinese culture. Hence, it is pretty understandable that she wore ethnic Chinese clothes. In this way, she probably wants to get acknowledge for other cultures.

5. Although the 60s Chicago style dress was just perfect, we find Gal Gadot’s hair choice rather questionable.

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6. Rita Morena attended the 90th Academy Awards in the outfit she had worn at the Oscars back in 1962!

7. Tiffany Haddish, an American comedian, made a royal entrance at the ceremony, wearing an ethnic gown in honor of her late father’s Eritrean roots.

8. Breaion King's nominated HBO documentary about her arrest had taken her to Oscars. Breaion’s “all black” outfit probably spoke against the crimes that should be stopped.

9. St. Vincent, a musician, wore a rather weird black short dress with one really huge sleeve. If anyone has any idea what is that dress about, please, let us know.


10. Whoopi Goldberg’s outfit ends our top 10 unique styles at the 2018 Oscars. She wore a beautiful Christian Siriano flower printed dress. However, it is a rare thing to see Whoopi not wearing some odd and extraordinary outfit.

We are free to wear whatever we want, and the Stars with their outfit choices for the Oscars night only approve this point. We are beautiful from the inside, and not necessarily because of our clothes.

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