Couple Was Killed In Front Of The Children. The Only Question Is "Why?"

Date March 1, 2018

The most important question about every single crime is “Why?” And sometimes it seems like there is no answer to it. Why would a man kill somebody in front of their child?


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The horrible crime that came out of the blue

Robert Edward Fadal II, 56, was once a local doctor in Seguin, Texas. Now, he is an opposite to the life saving guy - the murderer. The crime was commited on Fadal’s gated property on February 25, at the entrance of which stand a sign that says: "Peace, love, health and happiness to all who enter here."


Tiffany Strait, 30, and Anthony Strait, 27, together with their children were visiting Robert's mother to help her moving the furniture that day. That has happened before many times, as the Straits were close friends to the doctor's family. Anthony had in plans to visit his own mother later and congratulate her with her birthday. Unfortunately, the mother got some heartbreaking news instead of the birthday present.

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How it happend?

The family was about to leave, when Robert took out a rifle. The children had been already sitting at the back of the family's car, when Robert pointed his gun at Anthony and imediately shot him, thus stopped being a doctor. The father died instantly. He then pointed his gun at Tiffany, and, without a consideration, shot at her as well. Tiffany was seriously wounded, and unfortunately didn’t make it, as she later died at the hospital.

The couple's three children, who range in age from 7 to 10, were present there and witnessed the murder of their parents with their own eyes.

Why did this happen?

James, Anthony’s brother, told that the Straits had lived near Fadal for a long time. They had been friends, and many times had helped the physician’s family. James doesn’t know any possible reason for the shooting. He couldn’t imagine something like this ever happening. James said:

These people are friends of the family. I mean, they're not people that are violent or angry toward us. We've done stuff for these people. I mean, I'm not angry at these people.

The probable reason for Robert to commit such horrific crime is not known. We can only guess, why the peaceful doctor and "resposible gun onwer" decided to use his rifle.

This terrible and inexplicable crime will, most certainly, have a huge unpredictable impact on the children. They are now with family members, who can at least try to calm their pain.

We are praying for them, and are hoping that the children will recover from such a horrifying tragedy.

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