Rowdy Student Almost Made Her Quit Her Job, But With God's Guidance She Found A Solution

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March 23, 2018 16:25 By Fabiosa

Sometimes life changes so unexpectedly and so fast that you can’t even realize what has happened. For Chelsea Haley, it wasn’t the same way. She definitely knew what was going on, because she had her faith in God.


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She almost quit teaching.

Chelsea took part in Teach for America to help students in low-income schools, and that’s why she moved from Georgia to Louisiana. She never expected to encounter someone like Jerome Robinson in her new place of work.

The kid was considered to be the toughest child at school. Everybody from students to teachers knew Jerome was the biggest pain in the butt. His behavior sometimes got so bad, that Chelsea was tempted to give up on her career as a teacher.

Somehow, Chelsea and Jerome managed to get along, and the teacher became the one and only person who could tame the lion inside Jerome. To be honest, Jerome wasn’t a monster, and his behavior could be easily explained.

The child lost his dad and his aunt (the mother’s sister). The Robinsons lived in total poverty, while the mother seemed not to care at all. As a result of tragedies, the boy lived without parents and cried for help and attention at school in the only way he knew.

God's help in a dream.

One night, Chelsea saw and felt God, who was calling her for motherhood. He told the woman that she is destined to become Jerome’s mother. Chelsea woke up laughing at this dream, but when she got to school and talked to Jerome, they both felt the same way. The boy asked to live with his teacher. He also begged to take his little brother with him.


During a brief visit to Jerome’s mother, Chelsea told about her plan to move back to Georgia. Then she heard the following from boys’ mother:

You can go back. But I want you to take Jerome and Jace with you.

Chelsea Haley was only 24 when she became a single mother of two children, one of which was her 12-year-old student, and the other, his brother, was only one and a half year. The new family moved to Georgia, where Chelsea used her retirement money to buy a house for the children to start a new life.

Support from people.

With that, the family was short on money and unfortunately couldn’t afford full-time school for the boys. The mother said that she was praying and asking God to find the way for Jace and Jerome to go to school again.

Luckily, as the story had gone viral, people from different parts of the world donated their money for the family. Chelsea’s Gofundme account raised nearly $15.000 for Jace’s and Jerome’s education. Faith in humanity is restored.

Chelsea is deeply touched and grateful for every single dollar. She is happy for the boys.

Let’s make this world a better place together.

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