Khloe Kardashian Isn't Quite As Tough As You Think. She's Freaked Out About Breast Feeding!

Date April 9, 2018

No one is enjoying pregnancy more than Khloe Kardashian. The new mom who is set to give birth anytime soon has updated her fans constantly on her progress.


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Khloe's pregnancy glow

The third Kardashian sister surprised her family with news that she and Tristan Thompson were expecting, while the family was already anticipating both Kim and Kylie's babies.

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For Kim, this was her third go at motherhood with rapper husband, Kanye West. And for Kylie, she was starting off motherhood pretty early with rapper boyfriend, Travis Scott.

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Koko has breezed through her trimesters with a non-stop glow and a penchant for cradling her growing tummy.

Kim thinks Khloe's a little too sensitive

Both fans and family cannot wait to meet the little one. But Kim seems to have some reservations about Koko's readiness for motherhood.

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While Kim was promoting her collaboration with longtime makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, she chatted with Entertainment Tonight.

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When she was asked about helping her baby sister prepare for motherhood, she said she has been completely honest with Khloe and they have been having a good run lately.

You cannot tell her anything right now that's too sensitive because she's just so freaked out.

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She added that Koko is not too keen to know about the breast feeding and nipple part of motherhood just yet. Kim thinks that her sister's years of experience with her nieces and nephews count for something, though. Most of all, she wants Khloe to just be open to each new experience motherhood brings.

Khloe's a champ

However, Khloe is a champ when it comes to dealing with unfavorable information. She isn't one to cower in the face of difficult news.

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❥ Officially 6 months ❥

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When she was called out online for cradling her bump in almost every photo, she told the trolls to bug off in the best way possible.


Khloe, a first time mom-to-be, reminded the trolls that the bump was hers to cradle as she sees fit. Yes Koko, tell them.

We can't wait for her to introduce her daughter to the world.

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Khloe Kardashian