Meet The Members Of Meghan Markle's Family

Date April 5, 2018

We know almost everything about the Royal family. However, there’s not that much about Meghan Markle’s family. How many members are there? Who are they and how are they doing?


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Estranged relatives seeking attention

Recently, with the royal day coming so soon, Markle’s estranged relatives came out of the blue to get their piece of the pie. They achieved the goal and brought huge attention to their personas. The relatives were whining about not receiving invitations to the wedding ceremony. Some of them haven’t been communicating in any possible way with Meghan for many years, so no wonder they didn’t get the letters with the royal stamp.

The Markle family

Regardless, here are the members of the Markle family we know about:

Thomas Markle, the father

Thomas’ marriage to Meghan’s mother ended up in the girl’s early childhood. Despite that, he will attend the wedding and walk her down the aisle.

Doria Radlan, the mother

Doria divorced her husband in 1988 after 9 years of marriage. Reportedly, Meghan’s mother is a yoga instructor and a social worker at Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services, in California.

Samantha Grant, the half-sister

Samantha, 52, is the most vocal relative of the family. She criticized her half-sibling all the way in every possible interview, which probably cost her a relationship with Meghan. Samantha is even writing a book, where she’s “telling the truth” about the Markle family and Meghan in particular.

Good Morning Britain / YouTube

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Thomas Markle Jr., the half-brother

The brother has been defending the relationships between Meghan and her father. He told in an interview, the father has never abandoned his daughter.

My dad was the biggest anchor in everybody’s lives, and the holidays were really important to him.

Tracy and Tyler Dooley, the sister-in-law and the nephew

The two appeared on Good Morning Britain recently. Tracy and Tyler were stressing that they had been supporting Meghan her whole life. While in the same interview, they told that it had been 3 years since they last talked to the royal-to-be.

What we know for sure is that Meghan's mother and father will be at the wedding - no estranged relatives to be attending the event.

Matthew Nigel /

After all, it’s Meghan and Harry’s day, and it is up to them who to invite. We are sure the ceremony will be magnificent, and no relative can ruin the day!

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Meghan Markle Family