She Fought Cancer And Addiction, Stood For Women Rights. Betty Ford Was A True Fighter

Date February 27, 2018

Alcohol addiction is a dangerous disease, and a lot of people can suffer from it without even seeing the problem. Betty Ford once faced exactly the same issue.


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Betty Ford was a true warrior

Alcohol is almost always a matter of a person's choice. However, some people may suffer from, what seems to be, not having a free choice. In such cases, it is important for an addicted person to seek help. Former First Lady of the US, Betty Ford, is a great example of a woman with a strong will and a kind personality who managed to fight off all her problems and shared her story with the world.


Her life was not only exciting and fun but also full of battles and resistance - she fought against breast cancer. And even after she successfully beat it, Betty continued her fight against cancer by raising awareness of the problem in society. She also stood for women rights by using her position and power that comes with it. She never gave up.

The search for human freedom can never be complete without freedom for women.


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Addictions can be treated

One of Ford’s greatest battles was with an invisible enemy which was hidden in her doctor’s prescriptions and a few drinks. It is said that some medications can boost the effect of alcohol, and some combinations may even cause an addiction that is not apparent to the drinker. Betty Ford got into such trap - she became an alcoholic.


Although nobody saw her overdrinking, the effect of even one drink mixed with drugs can be sensibly higher. After admitting the issue, Betty started her treatment. Later, she successfully dealt with her problem. With the experience she obtained, Betty lifted the shame surrounding alcohol addiction, unlocking the door to recovery, especially among women.


Her legacy will live forever

In 1982, Betty Ford co-founded the non-profit Betty Ford Center to help people suffering from addiction and raise awareness about the possibility of recovery.

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Betty Ford died at the age of 93. Although she is no longer with us, her legacy lives and inspires many people to fight their issues, especially in the US. Her kind and encouraging deed will always live in our hearts.

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