5 Reasons Why Woman's Life Is Only Getting Better After 50

Date March 5, 2018

There is only one inevitable thing in this world: time. We cannot command it or make it stop. With that comes another truth: We are inevitably getting older. Does that make you uncomfortable?


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Why are we afraid of getting older?

There are many valid reasons to be afraid of aging. The first and probably the most important one is death. Would you be so kind to give away the most precious thing you have - your life? That is why many younger people prefer seeing the elderly as “other,” exaggerating the differences in tastes, attitudes, and worldviews. We also are afraid of becoming weak, losing our minds, having different illnesses, and many other things that can happen in old age.

However, recent research show that people with positive attitude and without fear of getting older stay healthier longer. Isn’t it fascinating? You can keep yourself healthy with the help of your mind!


There are 5 more reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid of aging:

1. 40s are the lowest point

It is statistically proven that U-shaped curve trend can describe our stance of happiness throughout our lives. Approximately, by the 40-year-old mark, we feel most depressed and lost. However, after the crisis ends, our mood tends to become brighter. Although there are exceptions, this trend surprisingly is really consistent.

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2. 50-year-old? More like 5-year-old!

According to scientific studies, something happens with our brain around 50. After we’ve just dealt with our crisis, our brain suddenly works more efficiently. That is most probably because the sections in our brain become more efficiently connected. Our brain somehow learns to skip unnecessary parts of mind process in order to get to the goal. Meaning, you can come up with solutions and actions much faster.

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3. Finally! You know what you want.

With age comes not only efficiently connected sections of your brain but also greater clarity. There are almost no people over the age of 50 who do not know what they want. With that being said, it is possible to reach the goal significantly faster if you see it clearly. Moreover, you can now rest a little bit from being a busy mom, as your children are probably old enough.

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4. Self-appreciation.

There is no need to explain that the first decades of adulthood for most people look like complete chaos or storm where they just try to survive or accomplish at least something. They are wasting their energy and time without even feeling a purpose of their activity. With time, you become able to look back at what you’ve already accomplished and overcome.

5. Lifetime savings.

Finally, you can enjoy your savings. All the work that has been done… Finally, you take out all the pressure and can stop worrying about your wealth. Of course, you can do it earlier than in your 50s. It’s up to you to decide.


Another side of the coin

Despite all the listed advantages, aging brings much weaker health. Yet, there are many ways to keep yourself healthy. The first one we have already mentioned: a positive attitude. Also, you should exercise regularly and do not forget about good, healthy nutrition. Additionally, if you think that sex is over, you are wrong. Sex can be hugely beneficial to not only our minds and spirits but also to our bodies, especially if you are feeling old.


Take care of yourself and think positively!

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