At What Age Should Opposite-Sex Siblings Stop Sharing Baths And A Room?

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March 12, 2018 14:40 By Fabiosa

Raising children is quite hard, huh? And when they get older, it doesn’t get any easier. If you have kids of opposite sexes, you might have been wondering when they should stop bathing together or sleeping in the same bedroom. Your children can help you answer these questions.


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Sharing baths

When it comes to bathing time, it is simple if they are still toddlers. But at some point, as our children grow older, we start feeling confused whether they may still share baths or not. It is a natural question, as older kids need their privacy. So, when is the right time for them to start bathing separately?

1. Follow your child’s feelings.

Children often love playing together in baths, and it is perfectly fine, as long as they are having fun. However, when one of them eventually wants a little bit of privacy, it is best to let them have it. The point is that sharing bath is good until one of the children doesn’t raise concerns about it.


2. Milestones are the key.

Not all parents can agree with waiting until the child asks for privacy themself. It is also a good call. Once kids start being curious about the other’s body parts, that’s when you may end those shared baths.

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Some moms, however, prefer answering children’s questions and still letting them bathe together. Parents explain their children the difference between boys and girls, that those body parts are private and should not be touched by each other. If you managed to explain everything properly, there should be no problems with bathing together.


3. Follow your own feelings.

Of course, there are plenty of recommendations regarding the topic. However, the truth is that every child is individual. Hence, there is no right or wrong age when children have to stop sharing baths. Just believe in your parenting skills and go with your instincts! If you feel it is not appropriate for them to continue bathing together, you should most likely stop it.


Sharing rooms

As for sharing the same bedroom, the question is a bit easier to answer. Just speak to your children and ask them if they are ok with each other in one room. Almost in every case, if your child says they are fine with it, then there’s most likely no problem. Be sure, when they hit puberty, they will need their privacy and will definitely demand it like we did back in the days.


You are the best parent your children could ever have. Always remember that!

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