Prince Charles And Camilla Planned To Portray Diana As A Scheming Hysteric, According To A New Biography Of Prince Charles

Date November 13, 2018

Relationships between members of the British royal family can be really tricky. Their stories can touch our hearts or make us laugh. But some stories can make us angry and raise a lot of questions. It is finally revealed that Prince Charles and Camilla secretly made plans to besmirch Princess Diana and win public’s love.



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Forced marriage

Diana and Charles married on July 29, 1981, and their marriage certainly wasn’t made in heaven. The researchers state that Prince Charles wasn’t ready for the marriage at that time, however, was basically bullied to tie the knot with Lady Diana Spencer. They also claim that despite being officially with Diana, Prince Charles still loved his ex-girlfriend Camilla, who became one of the crucial reasons the marriage broke down.


Do you remember what Princess Diana told in her candid interview with Martin Bashir on BBC Panorama in 1995?

Well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.


According to Tom Bower, in another interview, Diana very effectively used her anger and hit it right in the Achilles' heel – approval ratings of Prince Charles:

Charles is obsessed by Camilla’s t**ts and I haven’t got t**ts as big as Camilla’s.

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Plot to smear Diana

And after Diana’s death, Prince Charles became even more worried, because people could think he had something to do with the tragedy. Hence, Charles and Camilla hired Mark Bolland, a director of the Press Complaints Commision, as a spin-doctor.


Shortly after Diana’s death, the princess was portrayed as an unbalanced and unfaithful wife and a complete "nutter" in a book by Penny Junor. She also was said to suffer from a borderline personality disorder.


Although Charles didn’t approve the book, even his sons had doubts about the father’s involvement in the campaign to demythologize late Diana by portraying her as a manipulative hysteric. This became a starting point for Camilla on her way to becoming a Queen.


Today, Prince Charles is a most likely successor to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. With that, his wife Camilla can become the new queen. However, will people accept Charles and Camilla, if all their dark secrets come out?

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