This Beautiful Girl Has A Rare Syndrome That Affects Her Eyes And Hearing

Date April 2, 2018 11:09

Sometimes, horrible diseases can make a person look absolutely stunning in a good way. It happens extremely rarely, but it does. Ketlen Silva de Jesus is a victim of one of such diseases, which is called Waardenburg syndrome.

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Syndrom affects pigmentation and hearing

Ketlen Silva de Jesus is an 11-year-old girl born in Brazil, who became viral not only because of her blue eyes, but also because of her rare condition. The girl suffers from Waardenburg syndrome, which is an inherited disease and affects 1 of 40000 people born in Brazil.

The girl was born in a family where everybody has dark eyes, so it was pretty reasonable for her mother to assume that the baby was somebody else’s. She was born with absolutely stunning sapphire eyes that contrast with the color of her skin and create an unforgettable image.

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The family couldn't pay the treatment

The other side of a coin is that the girl was completely deaf. The mother discovered it when the girl was still asleep despite the fireworks show. Her deafness was not irreversible, but the parents didn’t have enough money to help their child.


Future fashion star

Ketlen was spotted by a Brazilian photographer who saw the uniqueness of her beauty. He decided to invest in the girl and make a fashion model out of her. Ketlen now has her own portfolio, she shoots for magazines, and with that she finally can improve her quality of life.

We are happy for Ketlen! It is great to know that life isn’t just black and white, and that beauty can overcome struggles, problems, differences, and difficulties. We wish the girl best of luck on her way to success!

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