Protect Your Bag From Street Thieves With Just One Cheap Tool

Date April 26, 2018

It doesn’t matter if you are on a trip to some foreign country or going shopping in your local mall – thieves are everywhere. But don’t get anxious, because there are a lot of preventing methods. The one we’re going to show you today is especially great if you have a bag with a double slider zipper.

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Backpack + carabiner

Everyone can become a victim of street thieves. Thousands of cases are happening daily across the globe. That’s why it is important to know how to protect yourself.

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There’s one easy and cheap way: use a carabiner. How? You can attach it to the backpack’s zipper sliders to hold them close together. No thieves would be able to unzip your pack and remain unnoticed. So you can travel or do shopping safely and without fear of being robbed.

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Remember, it is important to have a bag with a double slider zipper to make this work. Just connect the sliders' holes with a carabiner and keep your bag closed.

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Attaching carabiner to a chair

Also, there’s another cool way of using a carabiner for theft prevention. You can attach it to one side of the bag’s (or purse’s) strap, and the other side to the chair. If a thief wants to steal it, he will have to take the whole chair with him.

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Of course, you should still be a bit on guard. However, these methods will help you catch even a very sly thief. And most importantly, this highly effective method is cheap. You can buy several carabiners and provide your family or friends with this safety tool.


Everybody wants to keep their backpack safe and sound, so we hope you found this information useful. Share this with your friends, and let’s stop those sneaky thieves from getting their hands on our property.

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