Utterly Stunning New Jewelry Collection, Inspired By Marilyn Monroe


April 23, 2018 11:27 By Fabiosa

She was one of the most successful women of the whole era: a talented actress, a stunning model, a sensational singer, a sex symbol of the 1950s. She became the ‘cult’ which inspired millions of women all around the globe. She conquered the hearts of millions of men. Yes, we’re talking about Marilyn Monroe.


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Marilyn Monroe's legacy

Marilyn is still a huge inspiration for many people out there. Her life story has been depicted in dozens of movies, hundreds of books, and thousands of articles. Monroe even inspired the creation of jewelry brand M. Monroe.

M. Monroe looks forward to enhancing women’s beauty with the help of Marilyn Monroe- inspired jewelry.

At M. Monroe, we’re proud to celebrate the complexities and nuances of womanhood, knowing that like Marilyn, the actor, the poet, the feminist, the dreamer – we’re so much more than the sum of our parts.

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Yunjo Lee is the design director. She helped to create fabulous and magical jewelry pieces at Tiffany & Co., Michael Kors, Paloma Picasso, and many other world-known luxury brands.

For us, dreaming is not an idle state, it’s an active one. We believe that through celebration and defining moments, each of us has the freedom to pursue our own unique path, and embrace the most genuine version of ourselves.

The company is proud to give a voice to the next generation of modern Marilyn’s and supports every woman who wants to make their own mark in the history.

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