5 Habits That Make It Easy For Thieves To Rob You During Your Trip

Date April 26, 2018 14:43

We get the most of our life experience not in a classroom, don’t we? Many would agree that traveling is one the best forms of education. However, it is also the most dangerous one. How to make it as safe as possible and get a positive experience?


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Here are some reasons why traveling is a great way to understand this world better:

1. Learning languages.

Of course, if you travel to an English-speaking country, it’s not likely for you to learn a new language. However, imagine traveling to Germany or Brazil, or maybe Ukraine? You’ll get a chance to learn some cool phrases in their native language to share them with your friends.

2. Learning other cultures and their history.

You can even travel to a different part of your own country and discover there the whole new culture with its own story. And to be honest, isn’t it more exciting to see all the historical sights not just in the pictures?

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3. Learning social skills.

Besides having new friends, you can master your social skills. Simply because every country and almost even every city has its unique style. This is especially great for those who are shy, as asking a favor from a stranger is a necessity while traveling.

4. Learning about yourself and becoming independent.

Finally, we got to the most important aspect, which is so hard to learn these days. Traveling helps people to discover themselves and understand their full potential. It can free anybody. Independence comes as a bonus to all of the above!

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Mistakes we make during traveling

Traveling can be quite dangerous. Thieves are wide awake, and you need to know what mistakes you shouldn’t be making to protect yourselves.


1. Flashing wealth.

Pretty obvious? But many people seem to leave their common sense at home. In some countries, for example, the locals cannot afford your phone even in two years. It is better not to provoke them, so try not to flash any expensive brands like Apple, Samsung, etc.

2. Lowering guard.

The point is not to be overanxious, but to simply stay focused. There are lots of pickpockets, who are waiting for you to relax and don’t pay any attention.

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3. Using the hostel lockers for valuables.

The lockers are the first thing where thieves will be searching for something expensive because it is common sense, right? However, showing everybody where you store your valuables isn’t that smart.

4. Keeping cash and cards in the same place.

Do not put all the eggs in one basket, since a thief can take the basket and you lose it all. Allocate your money in different pockets and leave some in your hotel room. This way one robbery will not become the end of the world.

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5. Traveling without a backup plan.

In case of something terrible happening, it is recommended to scan your travel documents and at least send them to yourself via e-mail or store them in the cloud. Also, leaving a second debit card with PIN code with your family can be a good idea, as they could transfer your money via Western Union in case of emergency.

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And the most important rule: Don’t panic! Even if you are robbed, it is not the end of the world. Some travel agencies provide travel insurance in case of mugging. Also, the first thing you need to remember is you have to reach the nearest embassy of your country. Take care and have a great time traveling!

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