Woman Learns She's Carrying Miracle Only After Husband's Death

Date April 20, 2018

Tragedies cannot happen without miracles somewhere on the other side of the planet. For Courtney Hill, it happened at the same time and place. She lost her husband, but learned she’s expecting triplets.

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She lost her husband

The tragic and inspiring story happened in 2016. Courtney and Brian had a beautiful, almost 2-year-old daughter Reagan, and were planning to have more children. But the morning the woman learned she was indeed pregnant, her husband died in a horrible accident in Oklahoma.

Miracle discovery

Losing Brian was the toughest thing Courtney had to experience. However, a few weeks after the tragedy, she found out that she is pregnant not with one but three babies! The couple used to joke about having multiplets because Courtney is a twin herself.

People's support

The widow decided not to give up, and dedicate her life to raise her children healthy, happy, and successful. She created a Go Fund Me account, and in a few weeks, it already gathered more than $30,000. Courtney was speechless and commented on such generosity:

It's hard to comprehend. You hear about all the bad things in the world, and here are people, strangers stepping up to support us. I'm so appreciative and thankful and grateful, and I'll never know who some of (the donors) are.

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Unfortunately, one of the triplets, Brady, died. At Courtney’s 25th week appointment, doctors discovered that the boy no longer had a heartbeat.

Just look at these adorable babies, Harper and Miles! If it is not what is worth living for then what is?

If God has a plan, it is definitely hard to comprehend. But the mother is trying to give her three children a life they deserve. We are praying for the family and wish them health!

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