Duck Tape Vs. Duct Tape? Editor's Misprint Confuses Readers


February 28, 2018 17:54 By Fabiosa

A recent story about an 88-year-old woman, who prevented a rape, caused a stir, if we may say so. Particularly, because of a one misspelled word “duck tape.”


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“The burglar uses duck tape to bind her”, that was the sentence with the misspelled word. We appreciate all the comments on the topic, as we are trying to improve the quality of our content. And that is, basically, impossible without your help:

Duck tape vs. duct tape

However, we've done some research and found out that it is actually acceptable to use “duck tape”. Surprisingly, the first name for duct tape was duck. The purpose of this tape was to keep the moisture out of soldier’s ammunition cases during WW2.

The U.S. Military enlisted the Johnson and Johnson Permacel Division to manufacture such tape. And because it was waterproof, American soldiers named it “duck tape” referring to “like water off a duck’s back” idiom.

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Soon after the War, it became obvious that the tape can be used in many cases like, for instance, to seal heating ducts. The Johnson and Johnson Company even began production of silver tapes instead of the green ones, to match the color of ducts. Eventually, because of this exact reason, people began to call the tape a “duct tape”. Now we know that the word “duck tape” is simply an archaism.


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