Boy Was Saved By Bone Marrow Donor. Now, He's About To Meet Her Face To Face For The First Time!

Date October 19, 2017 18:07

Alexa, Jeff, and their kids were a happy family when they were suddenly struck by a horrible news. Their youngest son, 4-year-old AJ, was diagnosed with leukemia.

That was the beginning of their long way through hospitals and doctors until the child had remission. Alas, it didn't last for long. Soon enough, when AJ was 5, he got back to the hospital for another course of treatment.

This time, the doctors said he needed a bone marrow transplant. While it sounds good news, only in 30% of the cases do family members match to be the donor. In all other cases, people need to look elsewhere.

For the family of AJ, it was the exact case. His relatives didn't match, and they began the search for another donor. Luckily, the possible match was found soon.

A 22-year-old woman gave her bone marrow for AJ to have the chance to survive leukemia. The family didn't meet her in person because they lived away from each other. However, Good Morning America TV-show made it possible for them!

Take a look at their heartwarming meeting!

Source: Good Morning America / Youtube