Family Thinks 58-Year-Old's Crazy For Adopting Twins With Rare Genetic Disorder, But She Just Loves Them!

Date January 18, 2018

The twins Matthew and Marshall were born with a rare genetic disorder, inherited from their father. The two kids needed a constant medical support and surgeries to live to adulthood. Unfortunately, their parents weren't able to take proper care of them.


The twins were put in the foster system and happy enough to meet Linda Trepanier, a 58-year-old former nurse, who had been caring for kids for the past 31 years after giving up her medical career.

Linda's background enabled her to provide the twins with the care they needed! However, this is not the end of the story! One day, social workers asked the woman if she could adopt Matthew or Marshall. That's when Linda made a life-changing decision to take in both kids!

There are several reasons why she did it. First, she knew that a child with a rare genetic disorder has small chances of being adopted and getting proper care by parents with no medical background. Second, she just loved these kids!

I knew in my heart that they were my boys.

Amazingly, this is not her first adopted children! We admire Linda and think she's a real hero!


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