'Time's Up'! Thoughts Celebrities Shared On The Movement At The Golden Globes

Date February 13, 2018

The Golden Globes this year was a mostly all-black affair. Celebrities presented a united front by shunning other colors. This ongoing position as it were, was not informed by a fashion fad, but by far more pressing matters.

For months now, Hollywood and most of America has been inundated by stories of sexual assault and harassment. For starters, the floodgates seemed to break open following accusations against the renowned producer, Harvey Weinstein.

Now, hardly a day passes without some new celebrity being mentioned as complicit in a sexual harassment episode.

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It is in this light that celebrities who attended the awards decided to wear black. This was in solidarity with women and men who have been victims of abuse. Despite the somewhat somber visual outlook, spirits were particularly high at the event. And as always, the stars still found a way to look fabulous for the spotlight.

Chrissy Metz

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Sarah Paulson

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Celebrities speak on the 'Time’s Up' movement

Over 300 women from the entertainment industry are responsible for the 'Time’s Up' movement. It spearheaded the call for all-black at this year’s Golden Globes. And some of these brave women spoke out on sexual harassment and the movement.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Reese Witherspoon and Eva Longoria

Meryl Streep

Dakota Johnson


Tarana Burke was also present at the Golden Globes. Back in 2006, she started the “Me Too” movement. The aim was “to raise awareness of the pervasiveness of sexual abuse and assault in society.

Alongside Michelle Williams, she spoke on the progress made so far. Furthermore, she expressed her delight at the opportunity that this year’s Golden Globes offered.

Tarana Burke

In conclusion, it is unlikely that the revelations of sexual harassment will end anytime soon. Still, it is evident that the entertainment community is bent on playing its part. One thing is clear: Hollywood is standing against sexual harassment in and out of the work environment.

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