Brunette And Raggedy, Blake Lively Is Unrecognizable In Her New Film Role

Date January 17, 2018

Sometimes, actors are required to alter their appearances for roles in movies. These alterations may be purely prosthetic or may require actual physical transformations. For actor Christian Bale, the latter was the case.

To play the role of Irving Rosenfield in American Hustle, Bale had to put on a lot of extra weight. He says in total he grew by about 43 pounds, peaking at 228 pounds, all to fit into the role. And achieving this was no small feat.

Bale had to stuff himself with a lot of junk food. His diet consisted majorly of high-fat foods. Cheeseburgers (with lots of cheese), doughnuts, and soda were big on his diet. He also had to shave his head and learn a slouch.

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Blake Lively is not Blake Lively.

The Rhythm Section is an upcoming movie that features the talented actress Blake Lively. Like Bale, she underwent an unbelievable transformation for the role. To play the role of a spy in this new feature produced by Michael G. Wilson, lively had to lose her golden locks.

Actor-husband, Ryan Reynolds, shared this photo of Lively on Instagram, poking fun at her with the tag, #nofilter. The photo was taken of the actress on set in Dublin, Ireland.


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Her outfit which was supposed to be a disguise was a rag-tag mix of pink joggers, black boots, and an oversized parka. Very far from glamorous.

Off-set, she posed in front of a mirror to show how short her hair really is now. Lively traded her golden hair in for much darker brunette hair and sported it in a close crop. She is pretty much unrecognizable.

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In this collage, lively is sporting a brunette wig with hair flowing over her shoulders. With the glasses on, she could pass for a random fashionable New Yorker and not the Lively we recognize. Surprised yet?


We expect more shocking pictures to surface before filming is done, even more so considering that the character is a spy.

Nicole did it too.

Lively is not the only actor who has gone through a dramatic transformation for a role recently. Nicole Kidman also went through some major changes for her role in the movie Destroyer. She played an undercover policewoman investigating a crime while infiltrating a dangerous gang.

Like Lively, she also had to lose her blonde hair for shorter bangs and seems to have also lost some weight. Even her wardrobe went through a major make-over. Gone were the pretty dresses and fancy jewelry. It was all dark jeans and leather jackets for Nicole.

Anticipation is high for the release of The Rhythm Section and a lot of people are on the lookout for Lively’s performance.

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