'All I Need For A Happy Heart': Dolly Parton Loves To Have Alone Time With Her Guitar

Date January 11, 2018 16:26

Dolly Parton is one country music superstar like none other. She recorded her very first song called "Puppy Love," with Goldband Records in 1957 and she was just 11 at the time. By 1967 her first full-length album, "Hello, I'm Dolly," was released under Monument Record.


She is also a philanthropist. The Dolly Parton Foundation provides free books to millions of children from when they are born till they begin school. And in 2016, Dolly launched the "My People Fund", to help raise $1,000 for every family affected by the Smoky Mountain wildfires.

With a career spanning over 60 years, she has sold over 100 million albums worldwide and continues to make new music. In all, she has to her name a total of 47 Grammy nominations, of which she won 9. She continues to make appearances and perform at concerts till date.

Dolly loves quiet time with her guitar.

When she is not on tour or in the studio making music, Dolly seems to fancy spending time alone and having moments of personal reflection.

Just yesterday, Dolly shared this post on Instagram where she posed with her guitar. In the background were an old grandfather clock and a Bible on a pedestal. She shared it with this message.

Sometimes quiet time with my guitar is all I need for a happy heart. What brings you all peace through the day?

An open believer in God, she is never shy to speak about her devotion to her faith and belief in God. Her last album I Believe in You was made especially for children, her first ever, and released last fall. There are suggestions that Dolly has new music for 2018 in the works.


Do you know how to play the guitar like Dolly? And what is the time you really love playing it?

Playing the guitar can be fun.

You may not have plans to make a record and become a music legend like Dolly, but learning to play the guitar can be a fun experience. And it is not even very difficult. Of course, to begin with, you will need a guitar. It doesn’t have to be very expensive. For about $100 you can get yourself a good guitar.


Learning to play does take a lot of discipline and patience. It is unlikely that you will be playing any major sets in your first weeks but with a little practice, and a lot of listening, you can get a lot better with time.

It is also an awesome way to forge connections with other people. Music tends to unite people. Whether you are playing with a group of friends or you find yourself with total strangers, it could be a great conversation starter. Even this cute dog wants a go at the strings.


You also get a lot of exercise from playing. So no carpal tunnel from video games or holding your cell phone too long. In the end, it does feel good strumming on a guitar. There is a subtle sense of accomplishment that many players confess to having with every song they play.

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