Gary Oldman Proposed To His Wife While Playing The Role Of Winston Churchill In 'Darkest Hour'

Date January 12, 2018

Gary Oldman has had a long career that has seen its fair share of controversy. He is known to have had a long-standing struggle with the Golden Globes and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). In 2009, he famously spoke out against the Golden Globes in 2009, insisting that the process of nomination and wins was irregular.

In 2012, during an interview, he vented his frustration again, calling the awards “bent”, and eventually, he decided to boycott the ceremony in 2012 and called on fellow colleagues to do the same.

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Surprisingly, he was nominated for Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama in 2018. And he won. Oldman played Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour . As much as he was appreciative of the recognition, he confessed to being "amazed, flattered and very proud". This was an unlikely win, in the light of his history with the awards.

He proposed to his wife as Winston Churchill

Gary Oldman was on set filming Darkest Hour when he proposed to his wife. The actor had been in makeup for several hours and on a whim, decided to seize the moment. Although the couple had discussed marriage beforehand, having the war chief on his knees was far from planned.

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Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel, Oldman recounts:

There was a break in the filming, and we had talked about it and I just felt the urge. We were down in the war rooms, and I took her into the back room. And as Winston Churchill, I said ‘Will you marry me?

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Despite the initial surprise, Gisele Schmidt was a good sport. And she had only just accepted the proposal when Gary was called back to set to continue recording. Gisele was instrumental to Oldman’s success playing the former British PM. She helped him with his research and character development, off and on set.

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The couple got married in August of 2017 in a private ceremony. Speaking of marriage to Gisele, Oldman says:

I’ve gone through my thing and we’re like peas in a pod. I’m nearly 60 and at last I think I’ve come home.

Who is Gisele Schmidt?

Gisele is a writer and an art curator. Prior to the couple going public, she had been seen at several functions as Oldman’s plus-one. Her marriage to the 59-year-old actor makes her the fifth wife Oldman has had.

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Gisele has also been married before but once. She has a son. Between her and Oldman, they have four children, with Oldman having three children from two of his four marriages.

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