Bindi Irwin Visits Paris With Chandler Powell. They Are In Love


December 29, 2017 10:46 By Fabiosa

Oh, wow! Look at the size of that thing. Before you get any ideas, note, the rings are not real diamonds. They are actually pop rings. This picture went viral in August when Australian actress, television personality, Bindi Irwin, shared it on her Instagram.

In the picture, she is seen with smiling boyfriend, Chandler Powell, a Florida native, currently attending the University of Florida. This post triggered an internet uproar. Was the couple announcing their engagement? Or was this just another hoax?

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They got engaged, secretly?

Despite the fact the couple is yet to make any official announcement, an unnamed source at the Australia Zoo, speaking to New Idea, insists that the couple is indeed engaged, albeit secretly. This revelation was made on the 18th of December. The source said:

Chandler proposed a couple of weeks ago, but they’ve decided to keep it to themselves for the time being,


As at the time of the publication, this information could not be verified. Speculations are rife that the couple is already planning a wedding. Russell Crowe, who happens to be close friends with Bindi’s mum, Terri, has been mentioned as helping out with wedding plans.

Even without an official announcement, the couple continues to feed the media with suggestions that point in the same direction. It is possible that they are engaged.

Love in Paris


The happy couple recently shared these photos taken together in Paris where they spent their Christmas.

The trip of a lifetime with the love of my life???? @bindisueirwin

A post shared by Chandler Powell (@chandlerpowell) on

And what is Christmas without the ugly granny sweater? Chandler still had warm words for his Australian lassie.

Love seems to be in the air for the duo. Do we smell the wedding?


The couple also posed for this photo by Bindi. There wasn't a tree in sight but Chandler did have a substitute branch in his hand.

Under the mistletoe???? Happy Holidays x

A post shared by Bindi Irwin (@bindisueirwin) on

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Earlier in November, Chandler share this cute photo of him and Bindi wearing matching tee shirts that she designed.

They love animals

Bindi is a passionate conservationist. She spends lots of time working with animals at the Australia Zoo, who happens to be owned by her mother, conservationist, and author, Terri Irwin.

Bindi and her beau met in November of 2013. Chandler was on vacation with his family and decided to make a detour through the Australia Zoo. His original destination was a wakeboarding event. Their first meeting was pleasant and soon after, Powell decided to follow up.

He was able to track down her contact information and they got talking. The rest is history.

There may indeed be a wedding in the works, maybe even sooner than later. For now, we are pretty certain that their love for animals and common interests will lead up to an interesting wedding.

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