David Duchovny's Daughter Is All Grown Up, And She Looks Stunning


David Duchovny and Téa Leoni were married for 17 years, but in 2014, they got divorced. They have two children, Madelaine West (18) and Kyd Miller (15).

In spite of the divorce, the TV stars confess that they still have warm feelings for each other. Speaking about their marriage, Téa said:

David gave me the two greatest gifts on the planet; I don’t know how I could ever hate him,

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David decided to live alone. In his words, “I just feel like I’m old!”. The prospect of starting another relationship and making a new family is one that does not appeal to him.

In 2007, the couple got matching wedding band tattoos. Neither of them has had them removed. David confesses taking it off makes little sense to him.

In addition, David nurses no regret about his marriage. For him, it was an experience worth savoring. And it helps a lot that it ended without animosity. He still gets to spend time with his kids, and relations with Téa are pretty good.

They still share the responsibility of raising the kids. David and Téa live only five blocks apart, so either parent is always close.

Look at Madelaine now

And the children seem to be growing up pretty nicely, especially their daughter Madelaine West. In this picture, she is seen with her dad in 2002 as they wait to have lunch in Brentwood, California. She was 3 at the time.

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Fast forward to 2017, Madelaine is 18 now and looks as radiant as her TV star mom. Check out these photos of her she posted on social media.

hello hi this is what i look like now

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It is pretty clear where her good looks came from. A little bit of both parents.


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David has always had the casual dashing playboy airs around him.

get me off ze trainnnn

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And Téa holds herself up with that regal grace and charm royals and high-flyers are known for.

prom with my people !

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Whether Madelaine West will be gracing our TV screens in coming years like her famous parents is yet to be known. But we expect that she will get just as much attention as her famous caregivers with looks like this.

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