During World War II, The Royal Family Hid The Crown Jewels In A Cookie Tin

Date January 17, 2018

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England is obligated to wear the Imperial State Crown every year at the State Opening of Parliament. But this is not an easy feat. The crown, which is a very important symbol of the British Monarchy, weighs 3 lbs.

While speaking to the BBC during a documentary celebrating the Queen’s ascension to the throne, Her Majesty shed some light on the challenge of wearing the crown, especially when having to read a speech.

You can’t look down to read the speech, you have to take the speech up. Because if you did, your neck would break.

The first time the Queen wore the crown was during her coronation in 1953. Thankfully, Queen Elizabeth does not have to wear the Crown on every occasion. She has in her collection several other crowns and tiaras that serve her well.

Many of them were gifts received since her coronation, and some were specially ordered.

King George VI hid the royal jewels in a cookie tin

Concerned that the royal palace would come under attack by the Germans, King George VI (Queen Elizabeth II’s father) decided to hide away the crown jewels. Usually, the Imperial State Crown was kept in the Tower of London. But the constant bombardment by planes made it unsafe.

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The jewels were to be removed from the crown first. And to further reduce attention to the jewels, the King came up with an ingenious plan. He decided to hide the jewels in a cookie tin.

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He then ordered a hole be dug beneath an entrance to Windsor Castle. Inside, two chambers were built, with doors made of solid steel. To avoid detection, the construction site was totally covered by a tarp, obscuring all work from sight.

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The cookie tin was then placed in the chamber and the doors sealed shut. It was only after the war that the jewels were retrieved and replaced in the Imperial State Crown. Although the young Princess Elizabeth was informed that the jewels were being hidden, she only became aware of the details recently.

Royal Tiaras

Queen Elizabeth II appears in public on occasion wearing tiaras adorned with precious jewels. Her favorite is diamonds, and she is recorded to have several pieces of jewelry, including tiaras, in her collection. These are some of the most popular ones worn by the Queen.

George III Fringe Tiara

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Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara

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Burmese Ruby Tiara

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Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara


With her love for diamonds, it is likely that a couple more tiaras will be joining the collection before long.

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