Dwayne Johnson And Lauren Hashian Are Expecting Their Second Baby

Dwayne and Lauren’s relationship

Prior to that announcement, Dwayne had a daughter from a previous marriage. Considering they had been strung together for almost a decade already, it was such a welcome news.

Jasmine Johnson was eventually born on December 16th, 2015 and has since grown to be a really cute baby girl.

Another baby is on the way

However, it seems the couple and universe have decided it is time to expand their family. According to a recent post made by the actor and wrestler, they have another baby on the way.

Dwayne and his daughter Jasmine announced it’s a girl! And now, Jasmine can become a big sister and a boss. So, it is very adorable!

Dwayne and Simone

Meanwhile, Dwayne has a pretty great relationship going on with Simone, his first daughter. Though she is only 16 now, she already attends many Hollywood events as the most celebrities themselves do - courtesy of being daddy’s girl.

She was recently at the People's Choice Award event with her dad, and according to eyewitnesses and the pictures from the event, she walked the red carpet!

Congrats Dwayne and Lauren on the coming addition to the family. We wish you a great pregnancy and a successful delivery down the road.

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