Will Prince Harry Be Wearing A Wedding Ring? The Fans Are Wondering

Date December 25, 2017

Following the announcement of the engagement between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, fans and well-wishers of the couple started anticipating the ceremony.

While there have many concerns and questions on the minds of many, one that stands out is “Will Prince Harry be wearing a wedding ring?”

The engagement

The news about their engagement broke on November 27th, 2017, but sources told the actual engagement took place earlier in the month.

When it comes to the engagement ring, Harry left no stone unturned in ensuring that he got his woman the best! Although he designed the ring himself, he asked a professional to help him.

Prince William doesn’t wear a wedding ring

Prince William does not wear the ring. Many have speculated that it has something to do with his royalty status, but insiders of the palace insist that it is a matter of choice. There are no royal rules preventing him from wearing a wedding ring. Thus, people are wondering whether Harry will follow in his steps.



David Miller’s opinion

Being a known authority on etiquettes, David mentioned that wearing a wedding ring is a matter of choice and personal preference. He stated that although it used to be a rare practice back in the days, it is not so important now.

He said royalties often wore their wedding rings on the left hand with a signet ring on the little finger.


So, Prince Harry has a right to choose whether to wear a ring or not.

What do you think though? Please share your thoughts with us.

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Prince Harry