First Haircut In 20 Years Transformed This Man Into The Ultimate Hottie!

Date September 26, 2018

How often do you get a haircut? Taking good care of your hair is more important than you think. It's not just about looking good, people can say a lot about you based on your hairstyle alone.

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It turns out, a hairstyle influences how people remember your features and your general attractiveness. It also can be a big indicator of your self-esteem. People, who get their hair done regularly, are considered more confident and in control. In addition, it shows if the person is happy, because, generally, people stop caring about their looks if they are not satisfied with their lives.

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The power of a haircut

In the new episode of the Rachel Ray Show, the host met Roger, the man, who hadn't cut his hair in 20 years.

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Roger said he was always daring with his hair. First, he shaved it after college, and then he decided to let it go, and see what happens. After that, life got in the way, he had kids, and would rather spend all his time with them, rather than looking after his hair.

© Rachel Ray Show / YouTube

Believe us, when we tell you that once Roger got a makeover, hundreds of jaws dropped in the studio.

© Rachel Ray Show / YouTube

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Roger came out looking unrecognizable! Look at the difference between how he used to look and his aesthetics now. That is one stylish haircut, and everyone absolutely loved it, including Roger himself.

©Rachel Ray Show / YouTube

It's a crime Roger has been hiding his handsomeness for so long with that hair. Is anyone looking for the new James Bond? Looks like we got him.

More unbelievable transformations

We've got more examples of stunning hair makeovers, and how they completely changed people.

This man had been living on the street for 25 years before getting cleaned up, and the results are astonishing.

© Dr. Filmgood Audiovisual Studio / YouTube

Here he is looking clean-cut, and more stylish than ever.

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And this woman came to the salon, before her wedding. She said it was time to change her huge hair, and she looked so much more beautiful and happy after the transformation.

This next dad was in a desperate need of a change due to his midlife crisis. Luckily, the Rachel Ray Show offered him a makeover, which completely turned his life around.

© MadwoodStudios / YouTube

© MadwoodStudios / YouTube

So if you're feeling a bit stuck in a rut and unhappy about your look, start with your hair, it can do wonders!

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