'The Voice' Host, Carson Daly, Is A Family Guy Hollywood Doesn't Deserve

Date March 27, 2018

Carson Daly is one of the busiest tv hosts in America today. He is the face of The Voice USLast Call WIth Carson Daly, and a co-anchor on the Today Show on NBC.

Last year, he left his radio gig to spend more time with his family. Carson explained, that because the radio show would take place in the morning, he couldn't have breakfast with his kids and that's what prompted him to bow out.

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Carson and Siri are an epitome of a perfect couple. Despite not being married for a long time, they still managed to start a family. The lovebirds have three kids: a son Jackson James, 9, and daughters Etta Jones Daly, 5, and London Rose Daly, 3.

Daly knew that Siri was the one ever since they met when she was working as a writer's assistant on one of his shows. He says it was 'undeniable'.

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The couple didn't get married sooner because of their crazy schedules. Carson says they were always planning on doing so, once they could spare some time. “Our end game is we want to be together forever”.

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Balancing life and work celebrity style.

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Carson Daly talked about his busy schedule, and how his family bounces back and forth between the East and the West Coasts. His family lives in New York but stays with him in LA, while he's filming The Voice.

He then proceeded to explain how his two older kids were waiting backstage of The Ellen Show, while his youngest daughter was back at The Voice studio, being looked after by Blake Shelton.

Whatever works for this beautiful family is best, as long as they are together.

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