Worst Father In Hollywood: Tatum O'Neil Finally Forgives Her Troubled Father, Ryan O'Neil

Date March 30, 2018

The famous actor, Ryan O'Neal, notoriously hadn't had good relationships with his 4 children. With multiple drug problems and struggles with infidelity, the focus of O'Neil's life had been mostly himself. The most troubling, probably, had been his relationship with his oldest daughter Tatum O'Neil. Let's take a closer look at the life of the famous father-daughter duo.

The complicated relationship between Ryan and Tatum O'Neil

Tatum, now 54, was Ryan O'Neil's first child with the actress Joanna Moore. Unfortunately, she was born at the far from the perfect time for her parents. In 1963, Ryan was 21 and was just starting off in Hollywood, getting the first taste of bohemian life.

Joanna was 7 years older than her husband, and at the time had been developing a drug problem. Once the couple split in 1967, Joanna's substance abuse got out of hand, and she lost custody of the 6-year-old Tatum.

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In the midst of the less than ideal family situation, Tatum O'Neil started her own acting career. She even won an Academy Award at the age of 10 for Paper Moon (1973), in which she starred with her father.

Tatum's triumph was followed by a semi-successful acting career and a completely falling apart relationship with her dad. In her 2005 autobiography, Paper Life, she explicitly described how her father's recreation drug use and lack of attention for his kids traumatized her.

Eventually, Tatum developed her own substance abuse problem at around 18 years old. Her drug use continued throughout O'Neil's life. She even got arrested for the possession in 2008. Ryan O'Neil denied everything written in the book.

The peak of Ryan and Tatum's broken relationship came at Farrah Fawcett's funeral in 2009. At that point, they haven't seen each other for over 5 years. In the state of despair, Ryan noticed a beautiful blonde and tried to hit on her, but in response, he heard "Daddy, it’s me—Tatum!". He couldn't even recognize his own daughter.


That horrifying altercation might've made something click in the heads of troubled father and daughter because they decided to mend their relationship shortly after.

Forgive and forget.

In an effort to let go of resentful feelings towards her dad, Tatum released another book in 2011 titled Found: A Daughter's Journey Home. They even did the reality show Ryan and Tatum: The O'Neals the same year, but it didn't work out.

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Despite not having fully reconciled their relationship, Tatum says that she'd forgiven her dad. She realized he wasn't meant to be a father, and he knew it himself. "I think he wanted his own life and his own career and his own stuff", she said.

During the interview with Wendy Williams, Tatum said that she wishes him the best, and "forgiveness is the only way".

Relationship with other kids

As was mentioned before, Ryan O'Neil has had complicated relationships with all his children. Tatum's brother Griffin, 53, has his own terrible history with his dad and suffered through the same things she did. "He was violent all the way through my upbringing. He was a very abusive, narcissistic psychopath", Griffin said. When he was 42, his 65-year-old father almost shot him during an argument.


Redmond O'Neil, Ryan, and Farrah Fawcett's only child, is the only one of troubled father's kids he talks to. Redmond himself had issues with drugs and alcohol, and, similarly to Tatum, was arrested for the possession in 2009.


It's heartbreaking to see how much harm bad parenting can cause. Tatum O'Neil is currently taking control of her life and health, we hope she can let go of her past, and be happy.

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