Action Star Liam Neeson Dreamt About Leading A Spiritual Life As A Child

Date March 29, 2018

Liam Neeson recently announced his decision to stop acting in action movies. It's quite understandable, considering the actor's age.

At 65 years old, Neeson is still able to bring serious action to the screen. His recent film The Commuter (2018) is a proof of that. However, Taken star said that enough is enough, and gave away his prop gun.


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Not to worry, Neeson will continue his movie career, as we know he's a brilliant dramatic actor, as seen recently in Martin Scorsese's Silence (2016). Neeson portrayed a priest, for which he was largely praised. Perhaps, the reason for such believable performance is that Liam had more in common with his character than you would think.

Religious roots

Neeson grew up in a Catholic family in Northern Ireland. He was an altar boy in his earlier years, and even dreamt about becoming a priest.


Action star's upbringing stayed with him, as he has been in several projects with strong religious themes. Just recently, he provided his voice for the narration of the Catholic Church story in CNN's series about the pope.


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We're certainly glad Neeson swayed from the religious path and chose acting. Although, from time to time, he does like to return to his roots, he will forever be rememebred as one of the best action stars of our time.

Making the 'most rich' list

Liam Neeson made the top of the Northern Ireland's most rich actors list with £100 million ($140 million) in his pocket.


We can imagine Neeson is quite happy about not choosing the non-profit way in his life.


Despite retiring from action movies, Liam can definitely appreciate what they've done for his bank account.

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