Can You Spot A Snake? Stretch Your Mind With This Educational Riddle

Date March 22, 2018

Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes? Indiana Jones isn’t the only one unhappy with the presence of snakes. You might think you’re safe in your home, but these scary reptiles can be more common houseguests than it seems.


Most people might know that snakes can be often spotted in Australia. And although they can sometimes be seen in people’s houses, most of Australians living in the land had already learnt their lesson and know how to protect their homes.

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There are, however, such places as Canada, which is a home to many varieties of snakes, where people are not that used to seeing scaley serpent friends in their place of living.

Jared Houliston, the owner of All Wildlife Removal, in Ontario, helps local residents with their snake problems. He says it’s very common to find 5 to 15 snakes in a house because they can very easily enter the premises.

Snakes can climb walls and will go into the soffit gaps or the little openings in the weeping bricks. If you live near a swampy area, there are snakes.

Once, Houliston found about 160 snakes in an attic, yikes! It just shows how sneaky those slithering visitors can be.

Let’s go on a snake hunt!

After finding out about possible lurking snakes in your home, we suggest practicing your snake spotting abilities. Below, you can see a small challenge posted by Australian snake catchers. Think you’re up for it? Try and see if you can find a snake in the picture:

How are you doing so far? Look closely.

We promise you it’s there.

Ready to give up?

Alright, here’s the answer:

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Don’t feel too bad if you couldn’t spot it, these people are trained professionals,. But if you did, we salute you!

What to do if you find a snake in the house

Okay, riddles are all fun and games, but what if you find a real snake in your home? Don’t worry, there is a series of steps you need to remember:

  1. Don’t attack the snake, they tend to act only if they feel threatened, so keep your cool.
  2. Take a good look at the snake and detect if it’s poisonous. Know the kinds of snakes that frequent the area you live in, and memorize how they look.
  3. Get your children or animals as far as possible.
  4. If the snake is venomous, call animal control. Do not attempt to remove it yourself.
  5. If you’re certain that snake is harmless, guide it out of your house with a broom. It’s most likely trying to get out of your place already.

Be sure to stay safe and always call animal control, in case you’re not sure how to act.

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