Eternal Beauty: How Jaclyn Smith Manages To Look Absolutely Gorgeous At 72

Date March 20, 2018 18:04

The beautiful actress and designer Jaclyn Smith has only recently became a grandmother at 70, and we’re having a hard time believing how gorgeous she still manages to look. Smith carries on her beauty icon status, which she acquired back in the days when she was most known for her role in a TV show Charlie’s Angels.


Today, Jaclyn, who’s 72, continues to inspire women of all ages with her looks and a sense of style.

The ageless Jaclyn Smith

Previously, a member of the stunning Charlie’s Angels cast, Jaclyn Smith, is no stranger to high interest in her looks.

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Jaclyn and her 30-year-old daughter Spencer could be sisters!

My girl ❤️

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Naturally, everyone wants to know Smith’s secret to keeping herself looking as young and stunning as ever.

Jaclyn’s secret to timeless beauty

Smith is very loyal to anti-aging skin products, which keep her looking toned and fresh. She revealed that her husband, a doctor, helped her establish an effective beauty routine that Jaclyn swears by.

In one of the interviews, Smith revealed her detailed skincare routine, including which products she uses, as well as various tips and tricks that help enhance the process.

What do you think of Jaclyn’s beauty secrets? Would you want to try them yourself? Share your thoughts with us!

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