Frank And Kathie Lee Gifford's Love Story Overcame Infidelity And 23-Year Age Difference

Date March 27, 2018 13:34

Frank Gifford was an American footbal player. The future Hall of Famer started his career in 1952, playing for the New York Giants, where he stayed until his retirement. Gifford tragically passed away in 2015 in a manner that fits his NFL background. It was revealed that he lived with a brain desease, which was common among the football players due to repetitive head traumas.


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Gifford passed away instantly, which was a complete shock to his family. His widow, famous television host Kathie Lee Gifford, had said that they were planning on going to church that tragic morning. Despite the pain of the loss, Kathie Lee noted that Frank never wanted to be a burden, and she was thankful for him passing in a peaceful manner.

Kathie Lee Gifford previously admitted to having a hard time and suffering from loneliness after losing her husband. Looking back at the history of their relationship, it's not surprising.

The Giffords' star-crossed love story

Frank and Kathie Lee Gifford met while hosting Good Morning America together in 1982. The retired football player was married to his second wife at the time, and Kathie Lee was fresh off the dicorce with her first husband.


Frank was smitten with Kathie Lee from the moment they met. “She was alive and adorable,” he once said. The couple got married in 1986 and was together for 29 years until Gifford's last day, despite their 23 year age difference.

The couple had two children together. They even lived through their misscarriage in 1992, which was a devastating experience for both. Both Frank and Kathie Lee shared the same birthday, August 16, and were Christians.


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Marriage on the rocks

In 1997, the couple was on the verge of separation when the details of Frank's infidelity were revealed to the public. Reportedly, Gifford was set up by a tabloid, which paid a woman a hefty sum to seduce the legendary football player.

Kathie Lee was hit hard by the incident but decided to stay with Frank. "Too many families break up over something that could be healed if they just stay there and trust God to do a healing in their life,” the TV host said about her determination to salvage their marriage.


Kids miss their father

Frank and Kathie Lee's children - Cody, 28, and Cassidy, 24 - are adults now, but not a day goes by without them missing their dad. Their son shared a touching tribute to Gifford after his passing, and their daughter often posts photos remembering her father on her Instagram.

Maybe a day late, but my forever valentine. Missin’ you a bit extra, big guy

Публикация от Cassidy Gifford (@cassidygiff)

Whether it's owing to family's Christian beliefs or their pure closeness, it's evident that they lived in love and have many wonderful memories together.

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