Gerard Butler Sends His Mom One Of The Most Heart-Melting Birthday Messages

Date March 20, 2018 16:27

In between filming big Hollywood blockbusters, Gerard Butler, 43, prefers to spend most of his time with family. One of the biggest action stars on the planet says visiting his home in Scotland keeps him grounded and relaxed.


When I’m at home, I feel at home, I feel myself, I feel connected.

Butler’s relationship with his mom is very special. She doesn’t care about his A-list status, and makes him help around the home, like it should be. Gerard says these visits keep the fame from going to his head, and that’s why, above all, he’s just a nice guy.

Wishing his mom a Happy Birthday

While filming his upcoming film Angel Has Fallen, Butler decided to congratulate his mom with her 75th birthday in the sweetest way possible. Gerard gathered the production crew that then sang the Happy Birthday song to his mom Margaret.

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For my beautiful mammy who is 75 today and on twice the celebration and twice as many people I have to get to sing for her.

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Even though Butler wasn’t able to be there for his mom’s b-day, he made sure to make it as special as possible.

As expected, the internet was overwhelmed with Gerard’s message and made it go viral.

Momma’s boy is proud of it

This isn’t the first time Butler showed what kind of loving relationship he has with his mom. He’s not ashamed of displaying his affection, and we're extremely happy about it.

Last year, Gerard wished his mom a happy Mother’s Day on Instagram, along with the cute message.

Happy #MothersDay to my incredible mum and all the other moms out there!

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Another time, during press conference, Gerard took a break to explain to his mom why he didn’t answer the phone. We know how worried all moms can get, so he made sure she knew what her son is up to.

Mamma, help me!! This is why it’s been hard for me to call you back. ???? Grazie to these Italian journalists for having some fun with me during #Geostorm interviews.

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And we thought we couldn’t love Gerard any more. We can’t wait to see what sweet thing he’s going to come up with the next time!

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