'I'm The King Of The World!' 20 Daring Cats Getting Comfy On Their Owners' Shoulders

Date March 28, 2018

Cats are real thrill-seekers! Looks like a lot of them have an obsession with heights, so they hop right on their owners' shoulders. Does it inconvenience the owners? Yes. Do cats care? Definitely not.

1. "My dad and his shoulder cat Scout!"

Miller_time13 / Reddit

2. "Anytime I go near a high surface."

kineticunt / Reddit

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3. "It’s like having a parrot."

ulxlx / Reddit

4. "She thinks all food is hers so she hops up to investigate."

meineaccount / Reddit

5. "Back in her kitten days."

im-actually-a-cat / Reddit

6. "My shoulder cat is just learning how to perch..."

foxlizard / Reddit

7. "Spice doesn't know any boundaries!"

Dirty-D / Reddit

8. "Any chance she can get."

Tunasaladboatcaptain / Reddit

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9. "Every time Husband comes home and sits down, the girls are like this within minutes."

Azryhael / Reddit

10. "In this house, I’m nothing more than cat furniture."

coreyisthename / Reddit

11. "Welp, didn't know this was a thing, this is Capuccino! And he loves to boop you with his nose."

crimsoniac / Reddit

12. "Cat supervising afternoon craft."

Dearness / Reddit

13. "This is Gary Lazer-Eyes. He likes being on shoulders and face boops."

chaz_lar099 / Reddit

14. "This is how I study."

thepriceisright63 / Reddit

15. "Brooklyn is ALWAYS hungry."

ArbitraryBaker / Reddit

16. "Having so much fun!"

colbyjoe97 / Reddit

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17. "Fry at his post."

howdidyougetin / Reddit

18. "My 4th little Devon rex, first shouldercat."

weabooname / Reddit

19. "Our shoulder cat, Tatl, helping Pop read some Philip Pullman!"

ashley_blackbird / Reddit

20. "Shoulder "Cat."

zombie2547 / Reddit

Even a small doggy made an appearence! They all sure look like they're having a lot of fun. Do your cats do that?

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